Welcome to Pickleball in the Southwest!

The Southwest region extends a vibrant, hospitable Welcome to all pickleball players. We start with Arizona which is home to the USA Pickleball Association and hosts the nationals. Arizona may get more pickleball players from other states than any other state. Then move to New Mexico which offers a variety of indoor and outdoor play in a variety of climates from mountains to desert. Then visit Mexico which is excited to start pickleball for our neighbors to the south. How do you say pickleball in Spanish?

Linda "Hoagie" and Paul Hoggatt
Directors of Southwest Regional Ambassadors

Reese's Pieces


  Join me in welcoming our new SW Regional Webmasters: Victor Guzman will be covering New Mexico and Mexico, Steve Manolis will be covering Arizona.  As everything we do, is a work in progress, we hope to make our regional website, a go to place for all our members to read on a regular basis.   We appreciate receiving your comments and suggestions.  Congratulation’s to our Ambassador from Goodyear, Pat Murphy, for being asked and accepting the position of “Training Chair” on our National Board.                                                                                  

Rosemary Reese,  Assistant Regional Director